Can I Request References from a Paving Company in Suffolk County, New York?

When it comes to hiring a paving contractor, it's essential to have references from previous customers to consult. You can request the contact information of current and past customers from your paving contractor and reach out to them to learn about their experience with the company. Louis Vecchia also mentioned that his spouse had the power to dismiss Suffolk Paving employees if she asked nicely (although Mr. Vecchia did not specify the extent of this power).

Moreover, during his statement, Louis Vecchia stated that Helene Vecchia was involved in all aspects of Suffolk Paving and was very versatile, as she was possibly responsible for the accounts receivable and payable of the company. He also mentioned that the decision-making authority of his staff was limited to the secretaries of Suffolk Paving. As an example, the plaintiffs argued that employees used to receive checks from both Suffolk Asphalt and Suffolk Paving and that employees of one entity were paid with funds from the other. When searching for a professional paving company, it's important to consider their expertise in project management and their ability to plan and execute the project within the agreed timeframe.

The plaintiffs allege that the defendants Suffolk Paving Corporation (SPC) and Suffolk Asphalt Corporation (SAC) are Long Island-based paving contractors for private entities as well as New York State and the federal government. In addition, Arévalo stated that Suffolk Paving is the entire company, but that the checks issued to employees reflected different corporate entities. Therefore, the Court will apply the formal and functional economic reality criterion established by the Second Circuit in Carter and Zheng, respectively, to assess whether Cross Island Industries and L&V Site Development can be considered joint ventures with Suffolk Paving and Suffolk Asphalt. Escalante continued to work for SPC until the end of the 2002 paving season and then went on to work for other paving companies and for a contractor in 2003. The Court also considers significant the testimony of Helene Vecchia that she managed the payroll processes for Cross Island Industries and that the procedures reflected those she applied at Suffolk Paving.

Importantly, the plaintiffs contend that Helene Vecchia was the only person accused of entering the plaintiffs' working hours into the defendants' computer system for all of the plaintiffs who worked at Suffolk Paving and Suffolk Asphalt. For instance, Suffolk Asphalt and Suffolk Paving and Cross Island Industries are located at 30 North Dunton Avenue, Medford, New York, and are all dedicated to paving services. In addition, Arévalo stated that he worked as a mechanic on trucks owned by the defendants in which the trade name Suffolk Paving appeared, not Cross Island Industries. The quality of materials and equipment used by a paving company can have a major impact on how long your paved surface will last.

When looking for a paving contractor in Suffolk County, make sure they have experience with your specific type of paving needs such as asphalt paving, concrete paving or interlocking pavers. It's also important to ask for references from previous customers so you can get an idea of their work quality.

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